There is no greater thing for you to do than doing the one thing: TO sit at the feet of Jesus and receive from him.


Complimentary Breakfast

While trekking with family or friends to a different city, most likely you are staying at a hotel of good reputation and of course, free breakfast. It is a time to rest, relax and enjoy the trip in the absence of daily routines. Israel was on a journey to the Promised Land, Canaan, after God delivered them from slavery in the land of Egypt. The Lord Himself went before them as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Going towards their destination, they had air conditioning while walking under the scorching sun and heat for the cold nights. Not only did God provide comfort for the Israelites, but also a complimentary breakfast. However, often we complain while driving to the destination, bringing our work, unresolved problems, and bitterness to the trip. 

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Bitter Sweet Journey

What began as a journey of hope to escape famine, it became an experience defined by loss. Living in an unknown land as a foreigner, losing her husband, then after ten years losing her two sons, Naomi was left emptyhanded, cheated by life. Her story, however, like a stream of water that crashes onto rocks, the flow of favor did not cease. Your story is not marked by your experience, and as we relate to Naomi's story, God is Faithful and will turn your pain into joy. Let's dig further from the Book of Ruth.

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Quiet Time At The Well

Quiet time with the Lord. What does it look like? Perhaps it is waking up at dawn. A comfortable luxurious throw is chosen and wrapped around gently around the shoulders. A lamp with soft lights resembling candles creates a tranquil ambiance in the dark room. On the kitchen table are notebooks, highlighters, colorful pens, and an open Bible resting next to a quirky mug steaming with coffee. A picturesque vision depicting what quiet time looks like with God in the morning. Am I right? Maybe not. 

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